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Ningbo Haihang Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the Ningbo Bonded Zone, a plastics machinery manufacturing center in China. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacture of injection molding machines. It has domestic first-rate technology research and development experts, high-quality marketing teams and skilled workers, and advanced technology. The processing equipment, has a number of proprietary technology of the plastic machine, sincerely eternal for the development of plastic products and market demand for the development and production of new injection molding machine. The main products include three series of thermoplastic injection molding machines, including HH, HHFX, and KH, with a clamping force from 500KN-60000KN, injection volume from 45g-100000g, and special injection molding machines for thermoset, rubber, PVC, and PET preforms. .

Since the establishment of the company, all employees have been adhering to the principle that 'quality is the life of the enterprise', and every component is strictly controlled from material procurement, processing, production, assembly and debugging. Haihang licensing injection molding machine based on its advantages of high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and based on the national press industry, has always been committed to providing users with first-class products and services.

Hainan Airlines has won the trust of its customers with its excellent quality, fast service, and conscientious work style of the entire company. 'The road is slowly repairing, and I will look up and down.' Hainan Airlines, who has taken the courage to take the lead, will abide by its commitments and will continue to forge ahead with the development of science and technology in the injection molding machinery industry. It will strive to create an international brand name, carry forward the national industry, and eternally develop and manufacture innovative injection molding machines for the market and customers...